Michael Mann smears Mark Steyn as a racist

Mann has sued Steyn for likening him to a pedophile. Maybe now Steyn has a counterclaim.

Here’s today’s tweet from Mann:

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 3.40.46 PM

Here’s the web page to which Mann’s tweet links:

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 3.42.01 PM

9 responses to “Michael Mann smears Mark Steyn as a racist

  1. Steyn Vs Mann is going to be one of the epic mismatches of history, and Mikey won’t like the end result.

  2. I doubt that linking to a website rises to the level of defamation and Mark Steyn is a public figure, as is Michael Mann. I think Mr. Steyn is smart enough to steer clear of a lawsuit over this tweet.
    Dr. Mann’s link to this point is a slimy ad hominem attack but that’s what free press is all about: to make yourself look stupid, if you must, and for others to point out that you have done so.

    • If he hadn’t done the lawsuit, it would have been mere vengance, or maybe just crude humor. However, given the lawsuit, it makes Mann a hypocrite, nothing more.

  3. So nice to see a supposedly educated person start a sentence with “Mark Steyn is a blithering idiot..”. Reminds me of a joke told by Ron White about his debate team days. Unfortunately, it can’t be repeated here.

  4. Mark Steyn is 10 times the man that Michael Mann is. He is ten times the man that Barak Obama is. And Mark Steyn is five times the man Michelle Obama is.

  5. Talk about taking a dull knife to a gun fight; Mann has really stepped in it.

  6. Man pushes crap around with a hockey stick.

  7. Micheal Mann. Hah ha hah ha ha hah…

  8. Michael Mann defended his PhD in 1996. It was not awarded until 1998. Sounds like he actually flunked, then they picked him to be the poster child for the Hockey Stick. Now he gets $10,000 for speeches, pretty sweet deal, but Mark Steyn will trash him worse than Richard Muller did…

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