Saint Suzuki’s Scandal

Suzuki demands “nicely dressed female students” to escort him (including private time in a hotel room) during a $41K speaking engagement at a Canadian college — and the college complied!

Watch the video at SunNewsNetwork.

5 responses to “Saint Suzuki’s Scandal

  1. The Jimmy Savile of climate change

  2. I agree, although he doesn’t look as wild-eyed as Savile. But the sentiment is the same.

    Dave’ll Fix It!

  3. Any kin to Robert Menendez?

  4. So the request can look a bit creepy. Let’s keep the Menendez-Savile stick in the bag until there is evidence of lewd behavior or talk. If I could get $41k to mouth off stupidly, I’d ask for attractive escorts too.

  5. Suzuki is a celebrity. Attractive escorts for guest celebrities is normal.

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