‘Republican’ Inglis pushes carbon tax

“When you mention ‘carbon,’ conservatives break out in hives,” he jokes, “and when you say ‘tax,’ they go into anaphylactic shock.”

Read more at WBEZ.org.

3 responses to “‘Republican’ Inglis pushes carbon tax

  1. And when you say, “carbon tax,” Bob, you get your bu++ kicked in the primary with Trey Gowdy.

    Nobody of import is paying any attention to Inglis. The ignominy of a seated Congressman losing in his own party’s primary is not keeping him from trying to make a living on fads and hoaxes.

  2. As the linked article says Inglis represented a district which contained Boeing, GE & other large CRONY CAPITALISTS and as any captured political hack does, he is doing the bidding for his paymasters.

  3. When you mentiom climate & catastrophe Democrats become orgasmic… strange huh?

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