Nestle Faces $5 Million Lawsuit Over Trans Fats in Frozen Pizzas

Trans fats are harmless. Stephanopolous says they cause cancer in his report. The lawsuit is more conventional in its erroneous allegations.

“Nestle’s DiGiorno, Stouffer’s and California Pizza Kitchen frozen pizzas are under fire in a new class-action lawsuit brought by Katie Simpson of San Diego. In the lawsuit, filed Jan. 21, she argues that the company is “placing profits over public health” by not removing trans fat from its pizzas.” [ABC News]

9 responses to “Nestle Faces $5 Million Lawsuit Over Trans Fats in Frozen Pizzas

  1. As noted, trans fats are safe to eat.
    If the targets of this lawsuit did not advertise their product as trans fat free, as so many products are advertised, then there is no duty here and no injury.
    But they may have to spend a large sum fighting the lawsuit. Here’s where “loser pays” would do some serious good.

  2. The FDA allows products to be advertised trans-fat free even though it contains a small amount. This is a stupid lawsuit. Why did she eat the stuff if she thought it was bad? Can’t she read labels? Did it make her sick? I never heard of any study linking cancer and trans-fats. There is zero basis for this lawsuit and it needs to be tossed and attributed to just another crazy person who has a phobia.

  3. My first thought was “Teach the idiot woman how to read”. Forget suing the company, the woman is an illiterate moran.

  4. oops–moron. Gotta love spellcheck when you can’t type accurately. Sometimes it’s even right. :)

  5. This is like suing cigarette companies for all the cancer and COPD they’ve caused to everyone, ever. She’s an idiot.

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