EPA makes world safer for rats

“The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is moving to ban the sale of 12 D-Con mouse and rat poison products produced by Reckitt Benckiser Inc. because these products fail to comply with current EPA safety standards.”

Click for the EPA announcement.

3 responses to “EPA makes world safer for rats

  1. Rats!

  2. No loss. My parents listened to anti-cat propaganda in the 1970s and put out that stuff faithfully. Two results: (1) the house always smelled of dead mice decomposing in the walls, and (2) live mice continued to get in and nest in our dresser drawers every few months anyway. Since I’ve been the main resident the house has been poison-free, patrolled by outdoor cats, and years go by without a mouse in the house. Just a hint, fellow readers.

  3. Our cat always looked forward to the first really cold weather because it meant some field mouse would seek shelter in our house. The mouse provided hours of fun. We never had more than one mouse per year.

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