NOAA: Global warming could ‘unfreeze’ Alaska

“Land that roughly 50 percent of Americans call home is under threat from the coastal effects of climate change, a study published Tuesday by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) warns.”

Read more at PressTV.

4 responses to “NOAA: Global warming could ‘unfreeze’ Alaska

  1. NOAA did build the ark for the flood…oh, spell check, wrong NOAA.
    The only valid item I saw at the link was the part about development in coastal areas. If you build something where storm surges and high winds come, eventually a storm surge and/or high wind will cause damage. The sea-level rise has diminished, not grown — and besides, what is the earth’s optimal sea level anyway? Like the optimal overall average temp, we know neither the actual number nor the optimal number. Nor the trends.

  2. They’ve been watching too many HBO Whale movies, Mother Earth will take care of itself without regards to the human race.

  3. Global warming (which hasn’t been happening for 17 years, thank God) will cause tooth decay. And tooth decay will cause systemic inflammation. And inflammation will cause heart disease. And heart disease will kill us all. And if we all die, it’s the END OF THE WORLD (oh, my).

    You are warned. Remember, you heard it hear first.

  4. As one walks around the coast of Washington, note the large and old driftwood piles BEHIND the beach homes. When the type of storm which delivered those happens again, it will not be historic nor abnormal…but it will be “proof” for some fool…..

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