More Severe Flu Seasons Predicted Due to Climate Change

“It appears that fewer people contract influenza during warm winters, and this causes a major portion of the population to remain vulnerable into the next season, causing an early and strong emergence.”

“The American public can expect to add earlier and more severe flu seasons to the fallout from climate change, according to a research study published online Jan. 28 in PLOS Currents: Influenza.” [Science Daily]

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4 responses to “More Severe Flu Seasons Predicted Due to Climate Change

  1. So warm winters make for less flu (that’s good, no?).
    ….Unless this year’s warm winter follows a warm winter last year, in which case we get more fluthis second year (that’s bad).

    …..So now it’s year 3. We had a lot of flu last year (so people who survived are ‘immunized, sort of’) and we with a warm winter (again) we should expect less flu, right? (confusing, isn’t it?). Presumably year 3 is good, because there should be less flu, right?

    Year 4, say another warm winter, I haven’t a clue about.

    So how does all this net out and what is the recommended course of action. One obvious conclusion is that we should all get shots and get them early, no?

  2. “Less flu causes more flu” seems to be the thesis. influenze virus changes each year. Some years it is mild and others it is virulent.
    The mutation process is stochastic and unconnected with temperature – unless it is the temperature in the swine-breeding regions of China where the virus hops back and forth between pigs and humans due to poor sanitation, and where the proximity of people and pigs may be indirectly temperature-related.
    When it is cold outside people spend less time in the pigpens!

  3. This does seem rather a reach.

  4. i can now site 10 people I know who received the “flu shot” who got very ill with Flu symptoms, none of which were validated to be the flu virus by culture or PCR, but nevertheless, severe body aches, temperatures, congestion-miserable. Glad I did not get the vaccine.

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