Utah’s sickening smog dissipates

The PM2.5 level hit 130 micrograms/m3. Doctors declared a health emergency. Where are the bodies?

“The air pollution that smothered mountain valleys in northern Utah for more than a week made a dramatic improvement Sunday.” [Associated Press]

3 responses to “Utah’s sickening smog dissipates

  1. According to the EPA, they are already dead. They probably just don’t know it yet. Maybe this is the “Zombie Apocalypse” that FEMA has been preparing for: http://www.policeone.com/news/5957660-FEMA-warns-of-impending-zombie-apocalypse/

  2. Getting rid of old people using PM2.5 will lessen the strain on Social Security, Medicare and open up jobs for younger people. I say, pollute more!!!

  3. It was pretty soupy here, but I didn’t see anyone collapsing or dying.

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