Pennsylvania to study radioactivity in fracking equipment, waste

“The study recognizes concerns that have been raised about Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials, or NORM.”

“Radioactivity on oil and gas industry equipment and in industry waste will be the subject of a study by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, the agency announced Jan. 24.” [State Journal]

4 responses to “Pennsylvania to study radioactivity in fracking equipment, waste

  1. “We haven’t found a way to ban fracking, yet, but we’re still looking. If this doesn’t work, we have other ideas to pursue.”

  2. Robert of Ottawa

    Oh good grief. Can someone tell these losers that NORM is the norm. Let’s measure the radioactivity “created”? by agriculture, or by birthday cake candles.

  3. NORM is a pain in the neck. It accumulates in your driers and absorbers no matter how far downstream you are, and everything always ends up just too high a geiger count to dispose of in a normal landfill, even the gloves used to handle the absorbent. However, it’s way too low to actually carry a hazardous label.

  4. Doesn’t sound like significant amount of radiation. Maybe they will end up treating like a phosphate operation in Eastern NC. Naturally occurring radiation is increased in the residues to the point they can’t put it back into the ground so they have a mountain of the stuff sitting next to a river.

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