Enviros: Four ways to respond to people who say the cold weather disproves global warming

Can’t wait until someone tries these on me. Note how #2 and #3 conflict, and #4 blows the enviros out of the water entirely.

[Read more at Grist.org]

8 responses to “Enviros: Four ways to respond to people who say the cold weather disproves global warming

  1. Weather is weather, not climate.
    More to the point, there is nothing that *proves* Man-Made Global Warming in the sense of objective, reproducible empirical data.
    Computer programs are only computer programs: GIGO.
    (There was a time when I would have closed an argument with QED, but that has gone the way of logical processes – relegated to classical plane geometry classes.)

    • Howdy tadchem
      I took classical geometry. Your points are valid.
      Oh, the topic, the topic…
      Point 1: This is “Grist” we’re talking about. They have a large audience but no credibility among thinking people.
      Point 2: The analysis of the four points is very good.
      Point 3: Grist (and M Jones and others) would have more credibility for their truthful statement that a cold month doesn’t disprove global warming if they had been more willing to admit that a hot month doesn’t prove global warming. When you ‘ve claimed every day above average means the apocalypse is scheduled for next week, and the apocalypse never make sit, well, you sound like what you are.

  2. Only one type of weather will never be blamed on global warming: nice weather.

  3. If it’s 1 degree above normal for a day, it’s “global warming”. If it’s 20 degrees below normal for a month, it’s “global warming”. If the temperatures are right on normal all season long, it’s “global warming”. Anything and everything “proves” global warming”. Jawohl!

  4. I understand now why they call it “Green”land. It is bitter cold, ice covered, inhospitable and can not support most plant or animal ife. It is the epitomy of what the “greens” want for the entire earth.

  5. Hey, guys, read this excerpt again carefully: “The Earth’s axis is tilted. So for part of the year as the Earth rotates around the Sun, the Southern Hemisphere is farther from the Sun than the Northern Hemisphere. When that happens, we experience summer and they experience winter. Now, the opposite is true. ” Of course, everyone reading this knows the change in weather has nothing to do with the (vanishingly small) difference in distance from the sun, but rather the length of the day. How do we reason with these people?

  6. I see that they’ve posted some updates explaining away the obvious error. My point still stands given that they made the error in the first place.

  7. Yes, but “they” are only trying to make us better and more creative people – dontcha see? “They” are trying to be helpful. “They” are tyring to help the World. If “they” are just stupid we must try to help “them”, not just crtiticise and crack jokes.

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