Pet cats are now bad for the environment

If you have a pet cat, you’re not a true environmentalist, so it seems.

New Zealand environmental advocate launches campaign to ban cats as pets

Gareth Morgan has a simple dream: a New Zealand free of pet cats that threaten native birds. But the environmental advocate has triggered a claws-out backlash with his new anti-feline campaign.

Morgan called on his countrymen Tuesday to make their current cat their last in order to save the nation’s unique bird species. He set up a website, called Cats To Go, depicting a tiny kitten with red devil’s horns [and red eyes!]. The opening line: “That little ball of fluff you own is a natural born killer.”

He doesn’t recommended people euthanize their current cats — “Not necessarily but that is an option” are the site’s exact words — but rather neuter them and not replace them when they die. Morgan, an economist and well-known businessman, also suggests people keep cats indoors and that local governments make registration mandatory.

Morgan’s  campaign is not sitting well in a country that boasts one of the highest cat ownership rates in the world….

According to his website, Cats to Go, “cats have to go if we really care about our environment.” But his online poll isn’t getting much support, with 70% rejecting his idea, as of this morning.

17 responses to “Pet cats are now bad for the environment

  1. And then environmentalists wonder why I think they are nanny-bully loons.

  2. I have always thought cats should not be allowed outdoors. The ridiculous argument that they are “part of nature” is blatantly false. They are domestic animals unleashed on nature by humans (anthropomorphic species introduction) and they do indeed kill birds, rabbits and anything else they can catch. However, since Americans cannot tell the difference between a cat and a child (cat food advertises having information on the “emotional” health of a cat), I suspect cats will continue to wipe out birds by the millions.

  3. anthropomorphic species introduction. Really? We domesticated cats, man is destroying the world, we domesticated horses, man is destroying the world, we domesticated cows,man is destroying the world, we domesticated dogs, man is destroying the world. What do you believe that man has done that is good? Anything? If you believe that man is truly responsible for everything you think is bad on earth, then I would like to introduce you to Sir David Attenborough. I think he has something he’d like you to do.

  4. A few years back on an island in Indonesia the cat haters found some feral cats dinning on shore birds. They went absolutely ballistic! They killed every cat on the island and gave themselves “high fives”. A couple of years later the feral rabbit population had exploded and denuded the island of vegitation. The shore birds all left and went to another island. It took millions of US dollars equavalent to try to restore the island.

    We have feral cats here and also feral rabbits also lots of birds. About once a year a cat will kill a bird somewhere in the vicinity. About once a month the kestrils will kill a bird right in front of our kitchen window, who knows how many they kill in the neighborhood. Do you advocate killing all the kestrils or just locking them up in the house? Without the feral cats the feral rabbits would overrun our neighborhood. PS. cats also kill mice and far more than they do rabbits or birds.
    Incidently we do not even own a cat.

    Reality check, cats are not a product of nature? Were they invented by Toys Are Us?

  5. Cats are introduced to many areas by humans. We domesticated them and moved them around the planet. It’s a fact. I’m sorry if you don’t like facts.
    Best not to get me started on horses.

    Yes, cats can control some animal populations, but people who claim “once in while” a cat kills a bird or rabbit either are not observant or don’t live where there are a bunch of feral cats. One year the cats killed half a dozen rabbits and wiped out one bird nest in my yard. In one summer. I would like to know where the data for the study showing cats kill more mice than birds is. I have seen one such study in progress.

    Whether or not cats kill birds on a damaging level, etc, they violate property rights CONSTANTLY. If you killed the robins in my yard, you would be fined or jailed. Same for the rabbits. If you urinated in my yard, I’m thinking that would not fly either. Yet you can rip up my flower bed, crap in my yard and kill wildlife to your heart’s content using a cat. How is the cat killing birds and destroying my yard any less your doing? It’s not.

    Would the two people who did not like my feelings on cats be in favor of not worrying about the alligators, pythons, and chickens that overran Florida? How about the 500 lb feral hogs that destroy crops? These are all pets and livestock that were released into the wild. Are you saying you wouldn’t mind your neighbor releasing that 20 foot python in your back yard?

    • Wow, Reality Check, get a reality check. You seem to want to compare apples to hand grenades. If the cats are a problem call the pound, or buy a dog. If you live in the county shoot them.

      By the way Reality Check, just out of curiousity do you think that people actually train their cats to pee and poop in your yard to upset you?

      Oh and hey, a 20 foot python might help with your problem with the cats.

      just saying

  6. Reality check.
    A look at the mouse remains and counting them against bird remains and rabbit remains gives a good idea about the ratio. But then that is a little too common sense for the elite, besides it isn’t a taxpayer funded “study”.

  7. A little balance. In New Zealand, birds that have not been coexisting with cats for thousands of years really are endangered by domestic cats. In North America, birds HAVE been coexisting with cats and hawks for thousands of years, and cat haters, or rat lovers, like Reality Check, should learn to do likewise.

    In most of the United States, when a cat does manage to kill a bird, it’s a mercy killing.

    On the other hand, when all the cats in the neighborhood are confined, rats become the dominant animal species.

  8. Seriously, a “mercy killing”? Is that what you call the cat climbing up and eating the baby robins in the nest?
    Again, empirical evidence that if cats stay in, rats take over. I’m not seeing anything but anecdotal evidence or guessing (it’s laudable to save taxpayer money by guessing at things–you know I think the world is getting hotter and my neighbor is to blame. I can see his smoke from his chimney–that must be it). I can’t really compare mice versus rabbits because of the raptors and snakes here. The cool thing is owls will kill those pesky cats, so I do encourage owls to stick around.
    I deal with cats in any way that is legal. Where I live, cats out of their yards are considered predators and can be shot. They can also be trapped.
    I am not comparing apples and hand grenades. If you think letting cats run wild is somehow less problematic than hogs or snakes, no. You are advocating letting a domestic animal run free and do damage to private property. If my 20 foot python slinks over and eats your small dog, I am guessing you’re absolutely okay with your dog being dead. Most people aren’t but you folks may be more open minded.
    How are you with my turning thousands of cockroaches loose if I get tired of breeding them? Or maybe I just let them out for some “exercise”?
    You don’t train a cat to tear up my yard, that’s what they do naturally. The owner is responsible because he/she KNOWS what the cat does and allows it to happen. Bottom line, you give the cat the right to destroy private property with impunity. I figure if the cat has that right, so should I.

  9. Birds are the predatory descendents of dinosaurs — they are killing all of the worms and thousands of other insects and bugs!

    What we need is a campaign to save the poor innocent worms & bugs from those NASTY predatory “flying miniature dinosaur” birdsies.

  10. Ah, yes now the mocking. Did you learn this from the climate change believers? You can’t make a point, so you use a straw man fallacy to mock and hope no one notices you cannot defend your position. Al Gore would be proud.

  11. Love it. I dislike cats in general but they have served men well over time. As pets, guardians of food stores, and destroyers of disease carrying vermin,

  12. hey also cats are part of our lives dont kill them for doing wat they are created to. they r like lions and tigers. just sterilize them so they cant reproduce killing them in fact is really bad if u kill them the population of rabbits and birds will grow bigger and bigger so think before act.. Ps. i >3 them and also i am a little giro that undestands the way of living of cats

  13. Cats were not created to kill birds and destroy flower beds. They are companion animals. Cat owners seem to have no trouble with their animals trespassing on private property. However, they have fits if my dog tries to kill their cat. Hey, that’s “what dogs do”. It’s the way of the dog. Are you okay with my dog shredding your cat? Think……
    As for the mice and rabbits, that’s what the raptors eat around here. Also, the snakes. Nature has it covered.

  14. I agree that there are many feral animal problems and some are not dealt with properly, including cats. I have a cat and it is kept indoors. They are not natural because they were formed through artificial selection. Therefore, they should not be considered a part of the outdoor predator consumer niche. Additionally, there absolutely at least needs to be regulations against untethered cat roaming for all the reasons you point out. My town has a leash law for dogs and I think something needs to be done about outdoor cats for all the reasons you have here, especially from reality check. If your cat poops in my yard and buries it or not, I should be able to do something about that to you and to your cat, legally or otherwise. IMO, you want to allow your cat to run free and it is on my property, it then becomes my decision what to do about it. Personally, I hope the fishers and coyotes tear them up without need for my interference. If you want domesticated animals, then keep them domesticated, otherwise they are very much playing the roles of introduced species. Let the native predators do what they should and if the cats are displacing them, then fix the imbalance by getting rid of the cats and replacing the natural predators.

  15. Its sad to see some people in the world think like this…..

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