Harvard professor seeks ‘adventurous’ woman to give birth to baby Neanderthal

Surrogate mom for a fetus built from Neanderthal DNA?

[The Independent]

8 responses to “Harvard professor seeks ‘adventurous’ woman to give birth to baby Neanderthal

  1. Democrats need more voters.

  2. I imagine he will find enough adventurous women to compete for the distinction of being the first Neanderthal mom.

  3. After 67 year old crazy women started giving birth, I believe there are a large number of crazy women who would love to volunteer.

    You’re talking about a nation that does not know the difference between a child and dog. What’s the big deal with Neanderthal versus Homo Sapian?

  4. This appears to be first degree insanity. I have a few questions.

    Will the baby be human? Will he have human rights and be allowed to vote? What are the moral considerations? Where does this fit within the Nuremberg Code?

    What would our response be if the Harvard dunce wanted a woman to give birth to a chimpanzee? What about a dog? Where do we draw the line?

    Why do we have to draw the line? Why can professors, who claim to be intelligent, not draw their own lines? Is this guy completely off the rails.

    How did he get to the phase where he is inclined to ask a human to volunteer without the Harvard administration knowing what he is doing? Did they know? Is everyone at Harvard insane?

    • Not sure where this fits in the Nuremberg Code–as long as the woman is fully informed of what is being done. You can volunteer to be a subject. Since human cloning is not yet allowed, there might be some outcry. The baby could be a “delta” for Brave New World, maybe?

      Morality is an outdated concept in much of society. We don’t draw lines–that’s the point.

      Yes, they are all insane.

  5. 1 to 3 percent of our genes are Neanderthal; Africans the least, sometimes zero, and Europeans, especially southern, the most.

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