Ken Kook: ‘Babies are coming into this world pre­polluted’

The Philadelphia Inquirer parrots rather than inquires about enviro hogwash.

[Philadelphia Inquirer]

8 responses to “Ken Kook: ‘Babies are coming into this world pre­polluted’

  1. why do you question this? why make fun of a name. just say thank you GOD it wasn’t my child. I drink well-water. when I get sent to the body farm in tennessee I bet my butt & the rest of me glows in the dark at the least good luck to you fertile young people, hope for the best & love the little devils no matter the condition. miss m.

  2. “Why do you question this?” :Because the article is enviro-hogwash, BPA is not dangerious and at what concentration were these chemicals supposely found at (if they were actually found). As for your well water, I wouldn’t be so smug about that. Let see, methane and other naturally hydrocarbons, coliforms, and parasites (oh my!).

  3. Has anyone done a similar test on a similar baby from some remote native village that has non of these chemicals around?

    • I’d bet dollars to doughnuts: small reductions in remote chemicals, large increase in some general nasties and infectious material of all forms

  4. No, the one baby suffices as a yardstick. Everybody knows that.

  5. Why don’t they attack methanecarboxylic acid, a component of vinyl polymers? They will find a lot more of it in newborn babies than BPA. And I can tell you, it is the most disruptive chemical in my life. It interferes with my food consumption! Because of it, I will die of starvation sooner than I get cancer or an endocrine disorder.

  6. methanecarboxylic acid = acetic acid a/k/a vinegar LOL

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