DiCaprio to ‘fly around the world doing good for the environment’

“He burnished his green credentials in the Bild interview, saying: ‘My roof is covered with solar panels. My car is electric. A normal person does not drive more than 50km a day. That can be done with a plug.'” [New Zealand Herald]

9 responses to “DiCaprio to ‘fly around the world doing good for the environment’

  1. One might wish the plug were in his mouth.

  2. And a normal person can’t afford a solar-panel roof and an electric car. Go figure.

  3. DiCaprio is out of touch with the working class. Many people including us drive more than 50 KM’s every day because our jobs and lives depend on it. He might as well say thank you and shake hands with the legendary truck drivers who spend their time driving 16+ hours a day (pay based on mileage) every day just so that DiCaprio can wear his tie.

  4. Normal people drive MILES per day.

  5. Who’s paying him to play like he’s an environmentally responsible person. I can’t believe he doing it out of his concern for the planet.

    • I suspect nobody is paying him. He’s needy, needs to be loved and adored, this is just one way of gaining the adulation he craves. Most celebrities practice scientology, DiCaprio just happens to seek it via the global warming sect.

    • The speaking in unison part does get creepy. Obsessive Smugness Disorder. I make so much money, I feel compelled to be a better person even though I’m not. That would explain the celebrity-rich business people like Gates and Buffett too.

  6. So people need multiple vehicles then? An electric two seater to drive to work. Another one for your wife to drive to work. Then a minivan for the weekends to hold the whole family. I thought we were told to consume less, but only if it isn’t an electric vehicle?

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