Coca-Cola’s sugar problem

“Coca-Cola came out on Monday night. The world’s most valuable brand, broadcast an advert suggesting they, possibly, have a problem with sugar.”

[The Guardian]

9 responses to “Coca-Cola’s sugar problem

  1. How many spoonfuls of sugar are routinely put into a single cup of tea?

  2. Lustig, Nature magazine and political agends…with media happy to report junk science and press releases.

  3. Coca-Cola needed Spock to tell them, “the bullets aren’t real.”

    • Brian G Valentine

      I have often imagined, “global warming” to be a big item of concern at Star Trek conventions.

      Maybe I’m being unfair. To the people who learn Klingon and wear Star Trek suits around, I mean.

  4. I interpreted the Coca-Cola ad as a way of saying, “We cater to all tastes. You want juice? I got juice. You want water? I got water. You want sugar? I got sugar.” I didn’t see it as a “cave” and I hope it isn’t.

  5. Like I said previously – wake up – why don’t coke offer a “half the sugar – no artificial sweetener” alternative?

  6. Nonsense.

  7. Ah, techgm, I have an old friend, 103, drinks WEAK BLACK tea, NO SUGAR. Guess that’s how she got there. (Personally can’t stand the stuff -Tea I mean.)

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