Super Bowl Tackles Climate Change — Possibly

“Since one electron is indistinguishable from another, it’s impossible to know if any of the electricity produced in North Dakota actually reaches the Super Bowl facilities.”

“The field won’t be the only thing green about Super Bowl XLVI. The NFL has a plan in their playbook to tackle the carbon dioxide emissions caused by energy use at the six major Super Bowl facilities. Renewable energy certificates will pass 15,000 megawatt hours of clean energy to the NFL’s environmental receivers.” []

2 responses to “Super Bowl Tackles Climate Change — Possibly

  1. I thought electrons just bumped the one next to it, that the electron doesn’t go anywhere.

  2. This is the beauty of “green energy”. It’s invisible and many people are too uninformed or just plain stupid to understand how electric grids work. They cannot understand that unless the facility has turbines or solar panels and NO line to the grid, the facility is just paying more to lie about being green. It’s just like carbon credits–a license to pollute while lying about caring.

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