Debunking the Denial: ’16 Years of No Global Warming’

“The difficulties in debunking blatant antireality are legion. You can make up any old nonsense and state it in a few seconds, but it takes much longer to show why it’s wrong and how things really are.”


10 responses to “Debunking the Denial: ’16 Years of No Global Warming’

  1. I dunno, but last time I checked, the slope of the temp chart for the last 16 years still looks to be flat to me. But I guess it’s just my deniers eyes.

  2. When you have “climate experts” (Hansen, et al) manipulating data to serve the purpose of the ideology (facts be damned, it’s the theory that matters) you have a Peter and the Wolf scenario. Is it any wonder that the general public is skeptical? Yes, I know Australia is burning. How many years in the past have I been hearing “Australia is burning”. It’s a damned desert that Australia is terraforming slowly to make more room for growth. The increased growth and increased demand on scarce water supplies will further ensure that “Australia is burning”. Same will be true on our Great Plains.

  3. mitigatedsceptic

    This argument is familiar and still seems just plain silly. Subtract the effects of the things you know about (volcanoes, el nino etc.) and what is left MUST be human activity! Question – why human activity? Answer – it’s the one and only thing of which we do not know the effects – obvious!
    Climate ‘science’ is easier than we all thought.

  4. It is easy to confront blatant non-reality. Show what really is. I notice the one way to do that curiously absent from this article. Where is the graph of the global temperature for the past 16 years?

    Here it is, directly from the source. Please note starting 1998 onwards. In 2003, the 5 year average raised to its current temperature and stayed there

    Now, who’s denying reality?

    • Brian G Valentine

      I “deny” that GISS uses the same method of averaging and weighting of measurements as HadCRUT

    • Picky, picky, picky. I used GISS because they give neat and clean graphs rather than having to rely on 3rd parties (it has much more convincing power when sourced to a .gov)

      Zoomed in on the past decade or so,

      Anyway, no matter which way you slice it, the global temperature has not risen this century.

  5. Brian G Valentine

    Well, we agree.

    Actually it isn’t clear that any claimed “rise of global temperatures for two centuries” isn’t “artifact” based on very selective anecdotal evidence.

    It also isn’t evident that claims of some “deviation above a mean radiant equilibrium temperature above 14 deg.C” has meaning, since there are many possible methods to average this. I could give you a method that will hit 14 deg.C every single time.

    • We agree on this as well. I find the first part of the GISS and Hadcrut graph to be doubtful at best, especially with well known adjustments leading to heavy questions. The fact that sub-degree thermometers weren’t even available in 1900 means we have an automatic +/- 0.5C error bar, completely covering the change even before adding uncertainty due to siting, reading errors, and missing data.

      This is a clear example of undue certainty.

  6. Snorbert Zangox

    Slate claims the temperature of the climate has changed but the change has been offset by other factors. There have been no major volcano eruptions. The IPCC has been unable to demonstrate that the increased albedo that they claim caused falling temperatures in the 1940s is being repeated now. Yet the air temperature appears unchanged for the past 16 years. If I may paraphrase Clara Peller, “Where’s the heat?”

    There are two possibilities. One is that the accumulating heat is in the oceans. The other is that our climate has a mechanism for rejecting heat that remains undiscovered. I believe that option 2 is more likely, especially since the temperature of the oceans does not appear to be rising.

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