Charlie Daniels: Precedent Teaches Us The Left Really Wants ALL Our Guns

“America, no matter what Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Reid and the rest of the far left in America say, they want your guns. They want them all.”


12 responses to “Charlie Daniels: Precedent Teaches Us The Left Really Wants ALL Our Guns

  1. Yes, y’all. That Charlie Daniels.
    If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you should be ashamed to call yourselves Americans.

    For y’all internationals, look up “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”

  2. No offence to The Fiddler (my hat’s off to him), but Steve might just as well have posted a link to a Lucy Lawless editorial that claims the Right wants to ban all abortions, all the time. Both are equally correct (exceptions to each rule exist, but the rule in each case stands) and yet equally irrelevant.

    Just another pointless hand in the neverending game of “My Celebs Trump Yours.” Entertaining, but pointless.

    • Right or left, regulation can’t be embarrassed by over regulation. (I’d be in favor of abortion by trial of 12 peers. Fifth amendment and all.)

      • Wasn’t trying to say both positions are equally agreeble/disagreeable to me, just that the fact some celeb says it doesn’t make it any more (or less) true.

    • I know, but It’s a well argued article all the same.

  3. Charlie Daniels is correct, although Reid, when running for re-election, put some language in Obmacare that may restrict the government’s ability to do certain gun control actions. However, he is not running for re-election at this time and I’m sure he can cite changed circumstances.

    • Obama told Russia’s Medvedev he would have more flexibility after the US election. We’ll see how flexible he wants to be.

      • You know, I have a problem with leveraging that statement too much. A president does have the most freedom to make unpopular yet necessary decisions after winning a second term. It’s a statement of fact, not necessity.

        I would be more concerned with what unpopular thing he wants to do and how necessary it really is.

  4. Assad and Mubarak attacked Democracy and the freedom of their people. Look what happened in those countries. No wonder Obama fears guns. Dictators tend to be ousted by the people.

  5. Mr. Daniels and Mr. Norris have surprised me with their well-written commentaries. I have points of agreement and disagreement with each, as with every writer except myself, but I had expected both of them to write poorly reasoned stuff. I was mistaken.
    “My celebrity trumps your celebrity” is in fact a silly way to debate policy; it’s the statement and the reasoning that should count. But “my celeb>you celeb” is old stuff and I’m glad we have some articulate celebrities on the conservative/libertarian side.
    dd: Hosni Mubarak’s Egypt was less free than the US or Israel but somewhat freer than Arab/Muslim norms. Syria has never been a free country. Neither of these leaders “attacked Democracy” because neither of them have ever lived under it. The “Arab Spring” forces are popular but they are just as dictatorial as the regimes they are replacing.

  6. Obama, Holder and the left need your guns to furnish the Mexican Drug Cartels.

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