WashPost: Was David Gregory holding a real clip?

Your lyin’ eyes.

Note the article subtitle.

WashPost Gregory

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4 responses to “WashPost: Was David Gregory holding a real clip?

  1. A funtional ‘illegal’ magazine is far easier and cheaper ($17.99) to get:
    than a realistic-looking imitation.
    You *could* make one at home, for a $1,299 investment in equipment and about $30 worth of material:

    • Probably closer to $50/copy if you can find one. The estimated backlog is 1,000,000. That is if you want a magazine.
      I will guarantee you he wasn’t holding a clip. A clip is the dohicky that stores multiple rounds of ammunition to speed up insertion into a magazine or cylinder. A magazine is the dohicky that stores ammunition and feeds it to the chamber for firing. I made that mistake in basic and did lots of aerobic exercise learning the difference.

  2. Oh yeah. There are taboos stronger than public nudity or showing the cartoons of Allah. Enjoy the porn guys, before Wikipedia is shut down by the prosecutors:


  3. W’hat about all the movies filmed in D.C.? are those folks being investigated/procecuted?

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