Cuomo wants to floodproof NYC subway

For the next 100-year storm?

“New York Governor Andrew Cuomo wants to flood-proof the NYC subway system using inflatable bladders, roll down gates and new pumps.” [Transportation Nation]

4 responses to “Cuomo wants to floodproof NYC subway

  1. That would be simple: raise Manhattan 50 feet! {sarc}

  2. He better rip it out and elevate it

  3. Is that technically feasible? And does Gov Cuomo care? After all, he seems to believe that lots of people are being killed by shooters with large-capacity magazines and he’s wrong.

  4. Of course! It’ll all be paid for by a federal grant (so that the taxpayers of the other 49 states help pay for this stuff). So, one wonders where all the current state transportation taxes (fuel, tags, etc.) are being spent if not on the maintenance and upgrade of NY (state) infrastructure? And whatever became of toll bridges and roads?

    This grandiose plan (and jobs program) ought to be looking at returning the Hudson estuary and the East River to their original widths. They have been narrowed over the last century, which aggravates tides and storm surges.

    And isn’t the NY state capitol in Albany?

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