Chris Rock: ‘I believe you should need to have a mortgage to buy a gun’

Because “every mass shooting is done by guys who live with their mother.”


15 responses to “Chris Rock: ‘I believe you should need to have a mortgage to buy a gun’

  1. Abolish motherhood!

    And apple pies!!

  2. Oddly enough, Mr. Rock has a valid point that he’s making comedically: the shooting of strangers in a public area, like Newtown or Tucson, is almost exclusively the province of young white male loners.
    Of course the majority of US shootings, including fatal shootings, are the province of young angry black men in gang activity or in street altercations.

  3. Chris is a self-made man: proof that you don’t need a high school diploma to make an idiot of yourself.

  4. It’s not cohabitation with mothers (or mortgages) that matters; it’s the absence of fathers.

  5. It’s a remark made in jest, but seriously, folks, doesn’t it make as much practical sense as the new gun restriction proposals?

  6. Brian G Valentine

    And here I thought all the jobless nuts who live in Mom’s basement with their Star Trek toys were the greenie bloggers who used IPCC reports for their pornography value.

    Nevertheless, parents of deranged shooters ought to be jailed right along with the perps, same duration, same conditions. That will make a start.

    • Ridiculous. Parents aren’t responsible for what their kids do.

      • Brian G Valentine

        Yeah? You mean to tell me they weren’t aware of what he was capable of, and did nothing about it?

        • You are capable of shooting up a theater.

          We should lock up your family if you do?

          • Brian G Valentine

            I am “capable” of no such thing. Continuity of my family’s good name means more to me than anything.

            This was not instilled in the criminally psychotic, or if found to be impossible, intervention was required and not provided.

            • “Or.” Invalidates everything you said.

            • You are unable to hold a gun?
              You are unable to walk?
              You are unable to pull a trigger?
              Unless you are a quadriplegic, you are certainly capable. Your believing you wouldn’t do it doesn’t make you incapable.

              Doctors with stacks of advanced degrees cannot predict the behavior of people, yet you think parents should be able to.


  7. I don’t wonder what Chris Rock thinks of having to have a mortgage to vote.

  8. Being a bit more serious…it’s so true that a willingness to use guns dreadfully is more important than the availability of guns as such.
    BGV, I don’t know if you’ve read In Cold Blood. One killer was the product of poverty, family violence, a school dropout and a juvenile delinquent. The other — was the loved son of a couple who loved each other, who raised him in religion and with responsibility, a high-school athlete with offers of financial aid for college. Let’s be very, very careful about blaming families — some apples land near the trees and others roll quite a ways away.

  9. How about going back to the founding fathers idea: Only property owners can vote?

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