Mercury emissions explain European socialism

Manmade mercury emissions cost Europeans 700,000 IQ points per year, a new study says.

“Prof Philippe Grandjean explained, ‘If we convert the effects of MeHg on developing brains into IQ points then the benefits of controlling MeHg pollution equates to 700,000 IQ points per year and monetary benefits of €8,000 to €9,000 million per year for the whole of the EU. Exposure abatement would mainly benefit southern Europe’.” [EurekAlert]

3 responses to “Mercury emissions explain European socialism

  1. That’s an interesting level of economic exactitude for this person to claim. Also interesting is the apparent slur on the intelligence of “Southern Europeans”, that is to say, Italians, Iberians and Balkans.

  2. If I’ve done the math right, that’s 12,857.14 euros per IQ point/year. I doubt that European IQ is that valuable.

  3. We used to call them “Wogs” until a Welshman became Prime Minister.

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