NYTimes: An Antidote for Climate Contrarianism

A book by MIT’s Kerry Emanuel — who JunkScience.com outed as being on the insurance industry payroll last year.

[New York Times article]

[JunkScience.com’s outing of Emanuel]

3 responses to “NYTimes: An Antidote for Climate Contrarianism

  1. The author has apparently never heard of that other MIT climate scientist: Richard Lindzen, PhD. I also continue to be amazed that, not even considering facts or data, the broad public is not skeptical just on the basis of the style and tone of such articles and the numerous non-squiturs and leaps of illogic within them. Testimony as to the effectiveness of our educational system.

  2. I am amazed that a topic “so complex the average person cannot possibly understand it” can be presented in 93 pages. Wait–does this mean the book is a propaganda piece and not science????

  3. The article explains nothing at all. We have no clue as to what Emanuel’s arguments are.

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