Say goodnight, Lisa

The New York Post reviews LJ’s tenure at EPA.

“Good news: Environmental Protection Agency boss Lisa Jackson announced her resignation last week. Bad news: Whoever replaces her might be worse, particularly in an area of prime concern to New Yorkers — fracking.” [New York Post]

4 responses to “Say goodnight, Lisa

  1. Worse than Jackson???? Is that possible??

  2. This raises a huge concern over Fraudulent concealment: Under contract law, a plaintiff can recover from a defendant on the grounds of fraudulent concealment where the defendant (1) concealed or suppressed a material fact; (2) had knowledge of this material fact; (3) that this material fact was not within reasonably diligent attention, observation, and judgment of the plaintiff; (4) that the deferndant suppressed or concealed this fact with the intention that the plaintiff be misled as to the true condition of the property; (5) that the plaintiff was reasonably so misled; and (6) that the plaintiff suffered damage as a result. Please feel free to contact me anytime via phone: 310-619-3226 Warmly, Anthony

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