Only 5 GOP Senators vote against cliff deal

Five out of 47… dead party walking.

The five were Marco Rubio of Florida, Richard Shelby of Alabama, Chuck Grassley of Iowa, Rand Paul of Kentucky and Mike Lee of Utah. []

6 responses to “Only 5 GOP Senators vote against cliff deal

  1. Richard T. Fowler

    Yeah, and when TEA party challenges are mounted to unseat these people, what’s going to happen? They will open the floodgates of their money … the moderates have hundreds of billions of dollars of personal wealth, which doesn’t count what they can leverage from others in an existential crisis, which is what we propose to bring to them. Do you have a plan for countering their tactics and lies, or are you just declaring victory because it feels good? I don’t intend to be confrontational, but I am really curious. Do you have a plan, or do you believe that voters in the states of those 47 will just automatically rise up and elect true conservatives to replace these 47 Republicans? Thank you for your consideration of my question.

  2. I feel like the Germans on Armistice Day 1918.

  3. The problem is that it doesn’t change the debt situation. Like almost all western governments, the USA is bankrupt.

    Sure you can postpone, by stealing more pension contributions, booking keeping fiddles, but that just delays.

    Will you be giving it a big horray when they can’t pay out social security? I doubt it.

    Who are you going to blame them? It’s not the rich, they’ve been funding the spending. It’s politicians.

    The state is making people poor.

  4. If you want to see the pain in store for the US, look at the pain of austerity measures in Member States of the European Union. Some of them have unemployment rates around 25%. Unemployment doles and pensions are being cut, people are rioting in the streets, and this is *after* public health care has been rationed for decades.

    These austerity measures are *forced* on Member States by the EU, which governs a common currency. The US doesn’t have anyone to blame for its problems, or for austerity measures. We’re going down all on our own, with nobody to blame but ourselves, and a Congress that buys *our* votes with *our* money.

  5. Disappointed Cornyn fell in with the establishment but he has to be watched all the time. Kay B H probably wanted to go out in a blaze of glory to show she was Washington establishment. Hopefully Cruz will represent the people who sent him to WDC.

    • The real shame is that KBH had every opportunity to vote the right way. She didn’t have to worry about re-election. This was her chance to vote her conscious without having to worry about kowtowing to idiots. How utterly disappointing.

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