WashTimes: EPA regulates water

Life-giving substances shouldn’t be treated as pollutants.

On Friday, Virginia Attorney General Kenneth T. Cuccinelli II appeared in federal district court in Alexandria to contest the EPA’s use of the Clean Water Act to punish Virginia and Fairfax County for sending too much water into a watershed. “These regulations are expensive, cumbersome and incredibly difficult to implement,” Mr. Cuccinelli said. “And if we can’t stop this from happening in Fairfax County, it’s bound to happen across the state over and over again and at a huge price tag to the taxpayers of the commonwealth.” [Washington Times]

7 thoughts on “WashTimes: EPA regulates water”

  1. Uhhh… Did you think I was serious? Of course it’s “absurd and overreaching”. It’s satire! The DHMO site has been around for years and, if you read it carefully, you will see much of the language used by the EPA to exaggerate or mislead wrt substance toxicity and environmental impact matters.

  2. Well, of course! Water can be toxic when ingested in high enough doses.

    Seriously, just absurd – and grotesquely over-reaching.

    Does the EPA have any jurisdiction over water flows that do not cross state lines? Regardless, I thought that a property owner cannot be held liable for damages caused by natural water (rain water and underground flows) flowing from undisturbed (undeveloped) land. If so, how is the EPA able to determine which flows are natural vs. not? Or do they just go after everyone?

  3. Oxygen is highly corrosive and presents a huge fire hazard by itself and can also combine to form deadly catastrophic pollutants composed primarily of oxygen at a ratio of 2 to 1. Yet, it’s still necessry to life. The only logical conclusion is that the EPA and it’s quasi-scientific establishment must regulate oxygen in order to ensure environmental justice. (/s)

  4. One should always regulate life-giving substances when the goal is to create a dictatorship in which people do as they are told. It’s much faster than regulating luxuries. And it definitely yields cooperation–or war, it’s a chance you take….

  5. Virginia should just declare War on Washington and not let politicians use the airports nor the airspace nor the highways.

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