Walgreens Fined $16.6 Million for Landfilling Pesticides, Bleach, Paint, and More in East Bay

It is, of course, perfectly legal for individuals to “dump” pesticides and bleach into the environment — at least Walgreens’ “dumping” was into a lined and monitored landfill.

“Illinois-based Walgreen Co. has been ordered to pay a settlement of $16.57 million for illegally sending hazardous materials including pesticides, bleach, paint, and aerosols to local landfills throughout California, Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley announced today.” [East Bay Express]


  1. RCRA violations are easy to catch. Industrial and hazardous waste cannot be put in a standard landfill. Household waste, you can get away with pretty much anything, but corporations and industry have strong restrictions.

    Sorry, not feeling too much sympathy for these guys. We are talking real environmental protection here in proper waste disposal, not the fake kind in infinitesimal reductions of particulate matter.


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