9 thoughts on “UN chief: Extreme weather threatens human race”

  1. McCarthy too, there really are Communists in Wash. D.C. when 52% of Congress thinks Socialism is just all right. 55 million dead and still counting in places like Syria, Iran, Cuba, Argentina . . .

  2. The US needs to get the hell out of the UN and send them all packing to some overseas country. Put the UN building to good use like providing office space for companies that produce things. This all after a good fumigation.

  3. Transquilizer darts are clearly in order for Ban Ki-moon. He might accidentally hurt himself. Or us….

  4. If humans are existentially threatened by extreme weather (AKA “climate” by the left), and if, as the left asserts, humans are ultimately the cause of extreme weather, then clearly Earth is able to defend herself against the effects of humans, will eventually wipe them out, and the “climate crisis” is solved!

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