Ski Resort CEO: 'Count me out of the group that says we need to address climate change to save skiing'

Rob Katz is an admirable alarmist — one who thinks harm to the ski industry is the least reason to sweat climate change.

“However, it has become somewhat predictable that with the first sign of a lack of natural snow, climate change articles and stories start to appear. In many ways, it’s to be expected. It’s hard to understand how the weather changes the way it does and why things can look so different from year to year. Two years ago was one of the most “epic” seasons for snow in Colorado’s history. Last year was a tough season across the ski industry. This year has been a tough early season for Colorado, but it just finished snowing like crazy in both Tahoe and Colorado, with more on the way.
Count me in the category of someone who is very worried about climate change, but also someone who tries not to look at every weather pattern as “proof” of something. But, maybe more than anything, you can count me out of the group that says we need to address climate change to save skiing. I feel this way even though I run one of the biggest ski companies in the world.” [Denver Post]


  1. Last year, they were skiing earlin at Wolf Creek in CO. But snow slowed down after that. Every year is unique, it’s sheer stupidity to expect weather to be the same from one year to the next. Now, if Mr. Katz could just make the leap as far as global temperature and climate.

  2. Well, let me tell Mr Katz – the Australian ski fields have had several most admirable seasons – despite the opinion of himself and Australia’s own “Australian of the Year”, Tim Flannery. Indeed, I attended one season myself, and the helicopter flew in pristine snow conditions. Wonderful!!

  3. Back in the early 80’s . . . a little over 5 years into the “NEW ICE AGE” . . . the ski hills in the Rockies near Banff had several lean years . . . little or no snow . . . ditto for the West Coast Mountains. Grouse Mtn filed for bankruptcy in about 83. Experts said “the days of skiing on Grouse have ended”.
    Today . . . several years of record Snow-pack in the Rockies . . . Grouse Mtn has had skiing well into May for several years now, thanks to ample snowfalls.
    Conclusion . . . it must be Gorebull Warming . . .



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