Sen. Whitehouse Debunks Himself in Hysterical Anti-Denier Speech

“When the scientific research doesn’t work out for the skeptics, they turn to straw man arguments. One straw man is that extreme weather events, such as hurricanes and droughts, aren’t proof of climate change. Let’s be clear. No credible source is arguing that extreme events are proof that our climate is changing.” [Sen. Whitehouse web site]

15 thoughts on “Sen. Whitehouse Debunks Himself in Hysterical Anti-Denier Speech”

  1. Yes, Democrats seem to have a habit of electing low IQ reps. The funniest is Hank Johnson who was quite serious when he asked a general at a hearing whether Guam Island will tip over with all the Marines and their equipment populating the island.

  2. Yes, Democrats seem to have a penchant for electing low IQ reps. The funniest is Hank Johnson who was quite serious when he asked a general at a hearing whether Guam Island will tip over with all the Marines and their equipment populating the island.

  3. Those like Whitehouse, Reid, Pelosi, Snarky Markey, Waxman, Max mouth Watters, Hoyer etc remind me of a line from one of Rudyard Kiplings poems, Tomlinson.
    “There’s sore decline in Adam’s line if this be the spawn of the Earth.”

  4. Rumor on the Hill has it that Big Bird is somehow involved John.
    My personal opinion is that the culprit is the NBC TV show;The White House Decides/We Report (formally referred to as the nightly news) with reruns nightly on all of the major networks.
    But not to be outdone by Rhode Islanders, Massachusetts voters just elected a faux Cherokee squaw to the US Senate in an effort to completely purge themselves of any remaining sexist white guilt….so the future looks bright. /

  5. its all bunk,


    “Carbon dioxide and nitric oxide are natural thermostats,” explains James Russell of Hampton University, SABER’s principal investigator. “When the upper atmosphere (or ‘thermosphere’) heats up, these molecules try as hard as they can to shed that heat back into space.”

    two satellites launched to monitor co2 at lower levels both blew up and there is no intention to launch another- of course not!!!

  6. Considering the prosecutions in Italy for not predicting an earthquake, law suits are more plausible than one would like.

  7. At the risk of sounding very condescending, one would have been tempted to push, upon him concluding his speech, a doggy treat in the Senator’s mouth. Good boy! That’s the way to regurgitate worn-out talking points!

    The reference to the “Information Council for the Environment” (ICE) goes clean back to 1991, as I pointed out right here at in my 2010 article, “Smearing Global Warming Skeptics” About 7 months after I wrote that piece, I finally found the ICE memo stashed in Greenpeace archives, and so far, I’m the only one I know of writing internet articles who links straight to it and the other ICE memos. I linked to them most recently in my RedState article yesterday, “Mainstream Media Malfeasance Showcased in Benghazi, Global Warming Reporting. Where’’s Woodward & Bernstein?”

  8. As a Rhodes Islander I would like to apologize to the nation and the world for sending Sheldy to Washington. This is what a one party system produces. The RI General Assembly has been blue for 70 years. We are consistently at or near the bottom of every economic metric. Go figure.

  9. Animal Planet discovered that “BIGFOOT” populates Rhode Island, maybe his DNA ……no can’t be.

  10. If the IPCC and NASA know so much and it is to be believed as they demand. Then why did they not tell us months ago about Sandy, or even a month ago? Why is my weather reporting so bunk in Sacramento when they have the “science”? Maybe both these august bodies should explain their callus indifference to human life. Let some lawyer sue them for damages as a result of their silence regarding Sandy when they knew all about it way before it happened. They certainly have lots or “resources”, all well earned.

  11. Being an idiot is a specific qualifying requirement for being a part of the Government. Remember the old saying:

    Those who can, do.
    Those who can’t, teach.

    It continues:

    Those who can’t teach, manage teachers.
    Those who can’t manage teachers, become administrators.
    Those who can’t become administrators become, politicians.
    Those who can’t become politicians, are employed by Government to make it impossible for we who can do, to do.

    Cynical? Me? Why would you think that?

  12. I am sorry for swearing on your site but – this man is a f***ing idiot. How on earth did the good folk of the USA vote this tw*t in as a senator? For God’s sake, what has HAPPENED to your country???!?!?

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