Pot farms hurting environment

Looks like pot growers need water and pesticides, too.

“From water-siphoning to pesticide-spraying to just plain littering, a flowering of pot farms driven by the rise of medical marijuana is battering Northern California’s wilderness areas, natural resources and endangered species. The Los Angeles Times reported Sunday that in one remote, 37-square mile forest patch, scientists found 567 outdoor farms and greenhouses.” [OC Register]

4 thoughts on “Pot farms hurting environment”

  1. Call in the cowboys – that’ll fix em. And let the druggies grow pot in their own gardens – that will solve the drug problem.

  2. A recent presentation by a Park Service official opened with a few great photos from a trail in the park- first a black bear, then a mountain lion, and then a couple of pot growing paraphernalia haulers on their way to their patch. The damage caused is huge because the growers are usually from Central America, and they’ve hit the drug lottery with a job by interest or coercion.

  3. Hey! Grass is good medicine, if you need it – like tobacco. Better than wasting it on corn syrup and killing people with diabetes (or losing a leg or two).

  4. Those who are waging a war on tobacco smoking are the same crowd shilling for pot smoking. The same will hold true of water and land, none for food or fiber, but all we want for growing pot.

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