Murdoch and Gun Control

Here’s why we gun control advocates are making too much of Rupert Murdoch’s gun control sentiments expressed in the immediate aftermath of the Newtown tragedy.

As the late FOX News journalist Tony Snow once told me, although Murdoch is conservative, ideology doesn’t come into play in his business decisions. Murdoch started FOX News not to save America, but because U.S. conservatives were an underserved news market. FOX News is a business, not a soapbox.

While Murdoch’s UK newspaper The Sun carried the headline “End the Lunacy,” gun control is a relatively popular sentiment in the UK. Brits don’t understand American fondness for weapons — a particularly odd sentiment considering the danger of invasion the Brits faced in the summer of 1940. What were they going to to? Throw scones at the Germans?

It’s not likely Murdoch would compel FOX News to run with the same editorial opinion as much of his U.S. viewership is staunchly pro-Second Amendment.

7 thoughts on “Murdoch and Gun Control”

  1. Gamecock: firstly – the Japanese did not invade Hawai because they had more important things to do. Secondly. Spitfires may well have been in production but they needed more than ten. Thirdly, Chamberlain was a smart cookie. Much smarter than Hitler. He has been slandered wrongly. I should know.

  2. Chamberlain was a dick.

    Your assertion changes nothing.

    “Chamberlain rationalized his unseemly appeasement of Hitler by saying he was seeking “peace in our time.” What he really meant was momentary peace for the British, while he handed the Sudetenland (Western Czechoslovakia) to Hitler. The Czechs did not regard being crushed under Hitler’s feet as “peace.” After Chamberlain made his cowardly deal with the devil, Hitler said in disgust, “Why do I have to deal with nonentities?” Even the devil is nauseated by an unprincipled man.”

    Chamberlain’s appeasement is notorious in Western culture; say “appeasement,” and people think, “Chamberlain.”

    BTW, the Spitfire was already in production.

    BTW, the FW-190 kicked the Supermarine’s heiny.

    BTW, the Hurricane carried the load in the Battle of Britain.

    BTW, the Japanese did not invade Hawaii, because they were afraid of the civilians. “A rifle behind every blade of grass.”

  3. Yeah. But Lenin, Hitler, Stalin and Mao had their own guns and minders, didn’t they? – By the way, the reason America is safe from invasion is not that individual citizens have guns, but because the USA has a powerful Army, Navy, and Air Force. – which England did NOT have, until Chamberlain bought time by pretending to be a pacifist. Chamberlain was not the mug people made him out to be. They needed time to build an Air Force. They got just enough time to invent and build the Spitfire which belted the ass off the Luftwaffe.

  4. Gun control works Lenin, Hitler and Mao can’t be wrong. Recently Australia implemented some serious gun control and their gun deaths and violent crime skyrocketed. Canada implemented even more gun control (they already had some) and sure enough gun crimes increased. England experienced this as well. So why would the U.S. implement gun control when it does not work??? Hmmmm…

  5. “What were they going to to? Throw scones at the Germans?”

    History shows they begged Americans for weapons, many of which were DONATED by private citizens to help defend Britain. Then when the war was over, they dumped all the guns in the drink, INCLUDING the borrowed ones, because, you know, “guns are baaaaaaad, m’kay?”

    As far as I’m concerned, they had better start learning how to bake some pretty hard scones.

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