Massive winter storm from Dallas to Maine threatens Christmas travel for 87 million people

How long until global warming is blamed for the first white Christmas in Oklahoma City since 1914?

“Meteorologists predict snowfall could blanket nearly half the nation on Tuesday – from Dallas to Maine – as a massive snowstorm moves from the Great Plains and up into the Northeast.” [Daily Mail]

13 thoughts on “Massive winter storm from Dallas to Maine threatens Christmas travel for 87 million people”

  1. I didn’t notice that, but good point. Snow in Oklahoma is nothing. I have family up there, and I made my first snowman outside of Tulsa. This includes at least two white Christmases just in my memory, and I am not considered old by any save my preschooler.

    Houston apparently had its only recorded white Christmas in 2004 (ironically, this was also the only recorded snow EVER for Brownsville at the southern tip of the state)

    Sorry, the 1914 bit just doesn’t fly.

  2. Good Morning America already treated us to a little alarmist jargon this morning. Viewers were shown videos from what the talking heads described as more “extreme weather events.”

  3. Actually we had a white Christmas in Okla in 2007, about 13 days of it I was without power….don’t know if it is global warming or global cooling,but we have had several white Christmas’ in recent years. Don’t know where this info came from but it is wrong about this one thing.

  4. Yes, it is fun, well, for my family up on the North side of the state. First White Christmas in Dallas since I can remember. None down here, though.

    What it does disprove are the claims of the doomsday alarmists who were claiming ten years ago that no snow will ever be seen in ten years. Nothing more. However, as every hot spell and warm streak is rubbed in our faces as “proof” of global warming, I believe that the skeptics are quite justified in thumbing their noses a bit.

  5. A better question would be how long until a righty swears that one snow storm disproves global warming, of course , it would be you!

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