Lung Association Poll: Another Attempt to Influence Public Opinion in the Guise of Reporting It

“Of total respondents, 63% were in favor, 30% were opposed. So according to the ALA, the public supports tougher standards by 2 to 1. But since most respondents have probably never heard or thought about the issue until that moment, the results simply confirm what everybody already knows: Most people think air pollution is a bad thing and would prefer to have less of it.” []


  1. more important, most people think air quality is worse now than ever. just ask them.

    every morning they get up to the epa propaganda mill—yellow alert red alert air days, yadayada

    John Dale Dunn MD JD Consultant Emergency Services/Peer Review Civilian Faculty, Emergency Medicine Residency Carl R. Darnall Army Med Center Fort Hood, Texas Medical Officer, Sheriff Bobby Grubbs Brown County, Texas 325 784 6697 (h) 642 5073 (c)

  2. As usual, the EPA begins with a result and works the experiment to achieve that result. The question, in all probability, quietly directed the respondent to the ‘right’ answer. Would love to get a look at the question.

  3. As you say, they get told that every day. Then read the EPA’s propaganda sheets on their new regulations. The NO2 NAAQs has added thousands to getting air permits. I spent 2.5 years on a 6 MW landfill gas to electricity project and have been working for 18 months on the permit for another all due to the 1-hr NO2 NAAQS.


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