'Irony Alert! British Coal Mining Museum Switches to Solar Power'

Is this more or less ironic than anti-tobacco groups accepting tobacco revenues?

“Wales’s Big Pit National Coal Museum may be devoted to one of the most environmentally damaging sources of energy — and housed in a former coal mine — but that doesn’t mean it can’t be more responsible than the industry whose history it celebrates. Big Pit recently installed 200 solar panels, Renewable Energy World reports, which will provide the institution with some $650,000 worth of power over the next quarter century.” [ArtInfo.com]

3 thoughts on “'Irony Alert! British Coal Mining Museum Switches to Solar Power'”

  1. How much will it cost the taxpayers in renewable subsidies. Fraud upon fraud, upon fraud. Ben Stein reminded us in his Christmas broadcast, that an ‘expert’ Dr Spock. told us it was wrong to smack or discipline kids, they needed to develop naturally. The idiots in Government agreed and banned smacking, Dr Spock’s son committed suicide, and now our kids go around killing each other.
    Rather like the experts on climate change, who upon discovering that the data and science, made a mockery of their claims, ignored the science, altered the historical data, and used computer models that will churn out the inaccurate data they feed it.

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