House calls on Obama EPA to release secret data behind looming air rule

“Prior to finalizing the new rule, the Committee leaders said “it is essential that EPA and the White House make the underlying data linking PM2.5 and mortality publicly available in a manner sufficient for analysis by independent scientists and researchers.” [House Science Committee]

3 thoughts on “House calls on Obama EPA to release secret data behind looming air rule”

  1. I wish that Republican members of the house were not so crazy, as the issue of risk science is critical. Naderites and other loonies have scared the daylights out of people time and time again, and even murdered children with the vaccine nonsense. Public hangings are called for.

    Dan Burton’s crusade against vaccines causing autism reduces the creditability of investigating the corruption of our scientific institutions.

  2. While it is unusually perspicacious of the House Committee to perform such pre-implementation oversight of EPA agency actions, the public interest may be better served in the long run if the medical community takes career-staining actions against the doctors who participated in the unethical and unjustifiable studies, and perhaps the peers who allegedly reviewed and passed the reports for publication, and the editors who published them.
    If the medical community gets the message that the experimental designs of EPA studies are prone to errors that can be detrimental to the careers of participating physicians, perhaps they would be willing to pay more attention to detail in their work, and select their research partnerships more judiciously.

  3. What secret data? Their logic is simple: PM2.5 kills in any dose, everyone is exposed to PM2.5, therefore everyone is going to die. If people are not exposed to PM2.5 no one will die, I suppose. Migosh, anyone who deals with environmental regulatory agencies understands that logic. And you don’t need no stinking data to back it up.

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