Growing Body Of Climate Science Spells A Challenge For Ski Resorts

Just the other day there was a full-page ski industry ad in the New York Times boasting about the snow base at Colorado resorts.

“Since its start, the nation’s ski industry has contended with the variability of the weather. But new science is calling into question whether climate trends could, before very long, put many New England ski resorts out of business for good.” [WBUR]

4 thoughts on “Growing Body Of Climate Science Spells A Challenge For Ski Resorts”

  1. A growing body of conjecture. And yes, I would venture that skiers would like to be considered on the leading edge of popular conjecture.

  2. “Growing Body Of Climate Science”

    This is a marketing phrase, not a scientific phrase. Volume equals truth. Or something.

    Not a “growing body” of evidence, either, but of science. Me thinks the body of climate science has become obese.

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