Green ties Newtown massacre to global warming

From the same jack-off who suggested Nuremberg-style trials for climate deniers.

“Surely we can do better in protecting today’s children from random acts of violence. But surely we can also do better in protecting tomorrow’s children from suffering that, however distant and theoretical it may seem to us now, will yield just as many broken lives and broken hearts.” [Grist]

Alarmist mouthpiece Andy Revkin thought Dave Roberts’ dreck was “deeply moving.”

Don’t forget to read the Revkin e-mails from Climategate 2.0:

8 thoughts on “Green ties Newtown massacre to global warming”

  1. I know what you mean, they are so inconsistant in their viewpoints. Yet these are the same people who are in our schools teaching our children.

  2. These people have the same type of personality disorder that allowed Hitler to exhort at least half of his nation’s population to participate in genocide, burn books and encourage paramilitary thugs to victimize and terrorize.

    PolPot could be considered the ultimate green agrarian socialist – I’m sure several AGW PhDs who link disagreement to mental conditions would admire his success – many AGW supporters utter filth like his genocidal anti intellectual doctrine in many comments supporting green issues.

    Yet the MSM ignores the obvious sociopathic attitudes of committed AGW greens and instead publishes bull shit cobbled together in a futile attempt to label honest and lawful questioning of the unproven hypothesis as proof of denialist instability !

    I have never wished death on anyone, suggested holocaust type tattooing or gassing – unlike thousands of outraged AGW supporters and their pseudoscience leaders.

  3. No No. Can’t you see – they are just having you on. No one believes in global warming. It is just a huge joke – like the landing of the Martians a few years ago. You chaps are just too sensitive. Get youselves a pussy-cat if you haven’t got one, and stop worrying. That’s what Bukowski did.

  4. Again, people who respond with glee to the death of innocent people. What kind of evil human being promotes an agenda that will only sell by having innocent people die? Warmists thrive on death. Without it, they can’t terrify you into believing the lies. Morally bankrupt.

  5. And every kid born today owes his first four years wages to the government. Add in a few years of student loans, and that should keep him in servitude to age 40.

  6. It’s difficult not to think these people have severe mental problems. Millions of children have been aborted with the support of these same people and they pretend to care about future generations. And of all things, it’s the weather that’s going to affect them, not war, or jobs, or education or culture, but the freakin’ weather that’s going to destroy their lives. They live in some kind of fantasy world and it’s deeply disturbing this garbage gets out into the public arena. They are destroying children’s lives by their fatalistic propaganda and others are “moved” by this???

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