Green Humbug: It's time to cut the obscene amount of Christmas food waste

The Guardian tackles another pressing social issue.

“Whether it is because we are suckers for gluttony or incapable of calculating how much we will need to feed our family and friends for the annual Christmas feast, every year British household shamelessly end up chucking away a mountain of surplus festive food. We shop, we eat some of it and bin the rest. Much of it could be re-used and such enormous waste is drain on the environment as well as our finances.” [The Guardian]


  1. In the US, part of the reason for food waste is personal injury lawyers and probably the FDA. Leftovers either have to be frozen and then used later, or thrown out because if you share them with someone, and that person claims to get sick, it’s “sue the generous person who fed you” time. Buying less food would help, but the fact is, we are NOT allowed to share anything but packaged, unopened food. Leftovers cannot be shared.


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