Global warming causes childhood blindness?

“Indeed, heat exposure during pregnancy hasn’t previously been linked to birth defects: Earlier studies looking at hot tub and sauna use, as well as cooking in a hot kitchen, lack of air conditioning or even exposure to temperatures above 100º Fahrenheit while pregnant have failed to find links to congenital defects.”

“First study to link higher temperatures to birth defects finds a five-degree temperature rise at key periods during pregnancy increases a baby’s risk of congenital cataracts significantly.” [Daily Climate]

4 thoughts on “Global warming causes childhood blindness?”

  1. What? Y’all aren’t willing the impoverish humanity to avoid the 0.00000000000…000001th chance of a birth defect that science hasn’t been able to detect in 10000-fold worse conditions?

    Monsters all.

  2. Zactly. But also . . .

    “The defect occurs in three of 10,000 births.

    Prompt and successful treatment – surgery to remove the cataract, then glasses or contacts to correct the vision – usually leaves few to no developmental effects.”

    . . . it’s not much of a problem, anyway.

  3. Steve – I see what they did. It’s the usual statistical failure of working with rare conditions, plus total epidemiological ignorance of giving importance to a 51% increase that means nothing.

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