5 thoughts on “Feds Raise Hackles Over 5-Hour Energy Drink”

  1. Actually in the commercial @MT Geoff is referring to the doctors surveyed merely replied that among their patients who consumed energy beverages they would recommend a calorie free or low calorie energy drink. In other words responsible physicians who don’t want their patients imbibing excess sugar.

  2. I’ve got mixed feelings on this one. There are toxic levels of caffeine and you could reach a toxic level more easily by using 5-hours than with cups of coffee, but either way you’d have to work pretty hard at it. And, as a libertarian at heart, I’m automatically suspicious of govenrment interventions.
    But 5-Hour has its own issues. I particularly remember a commercial they did — I only saw it once — where the announcer talks about how they did a study with three thousand doctors and the results were astounding. I was interested to notice that, in discussing the results, the announcer managed to never say that the doctors actually thought 5-hour was safe or healthy.
    I’ve used 5-hour on long drives and it has seemed to be effective to me, but I dislike the taste and the burn sensation when I swallow the product. Okay, my decision. I usually use mocha energy drinks now for long drives. Since there’s nothing meaningfully dangerous in 5-hour, how about the government butts out? If you look at almost any product that adults use over any five year period, chances are at least 13 users have died during that time frame.

  3. According to their web site the “regular” contains about the same caffeine as a cup of premium coffee (100-200mg) and the extra has about 50% more. They have a lot of fluff about large amounts of B12 and B6. For us truly addicted to caffeine, the stuff wouldn’t have much affect. Seems like another case of a government agency with too many people with too much time on their hands.

  4. Yes, becauses there is nothing else more important in entire world than dealing with the evils of highly caffeinated drinks!! Nice. Another sign of the apocalypse.

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