EPA tightens PM2.5 standards; Milloy not allowed to ask Lisa Jackson about human testing

Arrogance in action. Questioning of EPA administrator Lisa Jackson conveniently ended while I was in the question queue. The last person allowed to ask a question said he had no question because his question had already been answered. EPA then abruptly ended questioning though I and possibly others were still in queue. At that point, EPA had only answered six friendly non-questions questions from major media including, the NYTimes, WashPost, AP, Reuters, and National Journal. [AP report on new PM2.5 standard]

4 thoughts on “EPA tightens PM2.5 standards; Milloy not allowed to ask Lisa Jackson about human testing”

  1. Soot is not the same as PM 2.5. Soot is unburned carbon much the same as candle black and very hard to measure. In addition the ambient air monitors are only accurate to about 2 ug/m3 so changing from a 15 ug/m3 standard to 12 ug/m3 will be almost imposssible to acurately quantify.

  2. I haven’t had time to read the final (778 page) rule. The EPA has added PM2.5 testing for stacks for, I suppose, data collection purposes. I manage permitting and compliance for about 500 diesel-electric generators located mostly at landfills in several states. This could be quite a problem in a few years. The 1-hour NOx NAAQS has added additional expense and time to permitting: 18 months on a small plant in western Virginia. The PM standard could add additional expense and time. But that’s in the future and I’m sure the bright young folks will just love solving that.

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