EPA offers hints on fracking’s future

Fracking is safe until the Obama administration finishes burying the coal industry. Obama allows fracking to flourish because low gas prices are killing coal. But when that mission is accomplished, watch out frackers.

“The Obama administration has pulled back the curtain on its long-awaited study of the possible correlation between water pollution and fracking, but the full results and definitive findings of its far-reaching report won’t be released until 2014.” [Washington Times]

3 thoughts on “EPA offers hints on fracking’s future”

  1. “…are marching hand in hand dismantling America.” I think you are exaxctly correct, scizzzorbil . Have you seen Obama 2016. the movie?

  2. “definitive” and “far-reaching” doesn’t sound good. Sounds a lot like “prohibitive” and “over-reaching”.

  3. The EPA will condemn fracking via water pollution and anything else they can invent.to shut it down like coal. Agenda 21 aka The Green Monster, and the Obama administration are marching hand in hand dismantling America.

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