Don't disturb the critters: Forests to be regulated for noise?

Good-bye logging, roads and other forest activity.

“A new tool developed by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and its partners is being used by scientists and land managers to model how noise travels through landscapes and affects species and ecosystems— a major factor in land and wildlife management decisions such as where to locate new roads or recreational trails.” [Media release]

5 thoughts on “Don't disturb the critters: Forests to be regulated for noise?”

  1. How incredibly STUPID! Why don’t you EXTREMIST environMENTAL fanatics do away with yourselves and make EVERYONE else HAPPY (including the critters!).

    To you, HUMANs are the problem! SO LET’S BAN HUMANS!!! Get Real your ignorant FOOLS!

  2. The collectivists are doing as splendid job of pushing the envelope of human stupidity. History will likely call this time the age of insanity or something equivalent.

  3. From my happy childhood in a rural landscape I recall noises like 1) cows letting out methane 2) horses saying eee-hah-hah 3) the local little creek humming 8 months a year, with loud waterfall noise March-May 4) wind speeds over 1 m/s causing intolerable hissing noises all over the place 5) birds singing at uncontrollable times of the day (less between 18 hours and 6 hours) 6) the neighbor’s rooster trumpeting us out of bed from 6 in the morning on. I hope what is left of these natural disturbance sources also can be modeled away and physically eliminated by these heroes.
    Gee, we are living in a rich world when people can earn their living from things like that while a ten-figure number of people are starving and thirsting for lack of food and water.
    Move to the Moon if you are that picky. There you have absolutely no sounds.

  4. noise pollution. Hummm…………..can we use those laws if the are passed, to control the intolerable noice pollution coming from DC? That noise in affecting my habitate violently

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