College Pukes: Fossil Fuels = Apartheid

“Mr. Lawrence, the Swarthmore senior, said that many of today’s students found [the 1980s South African divestment campaign] inspirational because it ‘transformed what was seemingly an intractable problem.'” [New York Times]


  1. As the victim of very very deep racism over the course of years, I find this comparison highly offensive.

  2. I wonder how many of these students have given up using their cars and the electrical grid. I wonder how many of those students understand just how much of their lives depend on fossil fuels. Students hey.

  3. Well Ben, this sort of comparison is de rigeur in academia these days. Social justice types always seem to need to borrow some standing from the truly moral cause the civil rights movement earned.

    I find it as offensive as you do, though I’ve never encountered serious racism directed at me.


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