Claim: Jackson quit EPA over Keystone XL pipeline

She didn’t want to be associated with anything constructive?

“Jackson ‘left as a matter of conscience,’ said Jeff Tittel, the director of New Jersey’s Sierra Club chapter and a longtime friend of Jackson’s. The EPA Administrator “has too much principle to support [the pipeline], between the climate impacts of it and the water quality impacts of it.” [Buzzfeed]

8 thoughts on “Claim: Jackson quit EPA over Keystone XL pipeline”

  1. BenofHouston – she had as much experience in the private sector as Obama, and the country is the worst for it. Irony is that she was Jon Corzine’s, of MFS Global shame, protege. He’s not in jail, let alone under indictment but perhaps the EPA’s inspector general will seek charges against Jackson, AKA Richard Windsor, for FOIA violations.

  2. I think she sold her soul to Obama to become EPA Administrator, then found she had to be a mouthpiece for Obama and his staff. She was fairly independent before becoming Administrator, and that couldn’t have set very well to have essentially no say-so about what she supported and what she didn’t, being run by a bunch of science-know-nothing politicos on the WH staff.

  3. I would suspect she is more affirmative action project than Chem E. We seem to have a lot of them in our society today; many in high places.

  4. I’m embaressed to say that she was a fellow Chemical Engineer. The junk science she supported would not have been given the time of day by a qualified ChE, specifically a Professional Engineer with extensive industry experience.
    She is a Poster Child for eliminating academics from the regulatory process.

  5. Sounds like a cover story or wishful thinking of the true believer. But maybe she’s one of those too and good riddance in either case. The only thing to worry about is the next one and the monster she’s left running on its own.

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