BPA resin replacements may be more harmful

“Ironically, earlier this year, researchers pointed out that the chemical used to replace BPA for plastic baby bottles and reusable water bottles, known as Bisphenol S (BPS), is actually a more potent “endocrine disrupter” and that the human body does not metabolize BPS as easily!”

“BPA resin replacements may be more harmful” (The Hill)

6 thoughts on “BPA resin replacements may be more harmful”

  1. So BPS may be more harmful than BPA, which is not at all harmful. I’m not sure ironic is the word I would use.

  2. Rule of thumb, Sulfur is almost universally worse for you than oxygen in pretty much any form that it’s in.

    BR, the problem was very clearly outlined. BPS is not safer in any way than BPA. There was simply less research on it, so there was less rope to hang BPS with. When all these imbeciles started demanding BPA-free everything, BPS was turned to as a substitute with explicit warnings given by everyone involved that BPS was not safer and was less studied. These warnings were ignored.

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