Asbestos flub costs Co-op City tenants $20M

“… 86,000 air tests conducted so far show no airborne asbestos before, during or after flooring work. They blame the phony scare on overzealous city inspectors and want their money back.” [New York Post]


  1. Sounds like somebody’s brother in law runs an abatement company or perhaps there’s a “finders fee” involved…?? Just sayin’ …

  2. Regulators are true believers in the religion of regulation–the two words they hate the most, and do everything to avoid or obfuscate, are cost/benefit. It may, however, be too late to challenge this order. Generally, one is required to challenge an order at the time it is issued. Unfortunately, the cards are stacked against anyone who challenges a regulatory order because the regulated party incurs significant fines assessed on a per day basis that make losing extremely costly.

  3. Folks should read the chapter on asbestos in the book “Scared to Death” by Booker & North. Illuminating.

  4. This city re-elects their mayor beyond the legal 2-term limit then wonders why there is tomfoolery and corruption.


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