Al Gore Asks Hollywood for More Climate Change Storylines

“Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter about 75 guests including Lawrence Bender, Leonard Nimoy and Lynn Lear gathered to hear Gore’s impassioned plea for the entertainment industry to renew its focus on climate change.” [Hollywood Reporter]

8 thoughts on “Al Gore Asks Hollywood for More Climate Change Storylines”

  1. @ralphcramdo: Therein lies the problem–skeptics have memories. Warmists know their followers have no memory of last week, let alone that nasty coming ice age stuff they thought no one was paying attention to in the 70’s. Skeptics are bad because they can remember.

  2. How about this for a Hollywood climate change storyline idea along the lines of “All The President’s Men”, but in this case a botched cyber break-in leads investigative reporters to discover that the entire effort to portray skeptic climate scientists as corrupt industry shills ‘manufacturing doubt’ about the settled science of global warming is instead a coordinated effort to manufacture doubt about the credibility of the skeptic scientists….. and bits of information revealed in this smear of critics lead to some kind of handling by people in the Vice President’s office.

    *ahem* “Fakegate Opens a Door: More than meets the eye in the Heartland controversy”

  3. I think this is good news. I love science fiction and since most of the catastrophic scenarios Mr Gore claims will occur are pretty much on par with SciFi, I can perhaps look forward to some enjoyable escapism.

  4. Myabe they would tell a story about a washed-up politician hooking up with some attention deprived scientists and starting a rumor that eventually bankrupts the planet.

  5. It’s time to go to rich people who feel guilty about their wealth, but not enough to actually give any of it up and save the world, and beg them to lie to people so more money will go into a scam. We meed more education on the propaganda put out by people who earn millions and know they are rich and not entitled to be. Actors and actresses, screenwriters all live their lives trying to prove they have value. They care nothing about truth or justice, just alleviate their own guilt. Sadly, Americans are so stupid they believe what comes out of actor’s mouths.

  6. Nice. Not like there are starving people or corruption or crime victims or anything else to worry about. We need to be focusing on the weather. What a jackass.

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