WashPost sweats California’s cap-and-trade

Will it lead the rest of the country or set back the green cause?

“But California’s experiment might not work well enough to persuade others to follow along. The most obvious problem with the plan is that it relies far too little on the market-based cap-and-trade system and far too much on other, expensive, command-and-control regulations. State officials expect to achieve only about 23 percent of their planned emissions reductions through 2020 with carbon pricing, and it’s not clear what happens after that. The cost of the whole package, then, is likely to be higher than necessary.” [WashPost]

3 responses to “WashPost sweats California’s cap-and-trade

  1. Welcome to freaken reality you nut jobs.

  2. The Post is sugar-coating things. Why not just say, what happened with the European cap and trade system could happen to the California system, and lay it out? The picture is far worse than the liberal Post imagines.

  3. Companies fleeing California won’t be in the statistics.

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